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Recruiting Talent and Building Teams Through Ai

How AES International Created an Efficient Team With the Help of Searchie

The Searchie platform powered by Ai has been able to help Recruiting Talent and Building Teams efficiently. 

The Recruitment Process is Difficult, every week hours and hours are spent scanning the wrong people. With the help of Searchie, AES International can analise Candidates based on Cultural fit, Experience, Skills and Competencies and that quickly AES International is able to hire the best talent faster. 

AES is an international wealth management and employee benefits business

Having the right human capital at any professional services business is an absolute key especially here in Dubai. Trying to attract and retain the very best professionals in the market is critical to our future success.

Our HR team are deluged with applications sorting through them takes a huge amount of time, finding people fit the right culture and values and have the right overall profile its a very time consuming and inefficient process and we knew that artificial intelligence provided an opportunity for us to speed things up and get better results.

Acquiring and retaining is a big challenge we want to make sure we get the best talent to join our organization before other organizations, we want to make sure they have the right cultural fit the right time of mindset the right talent profiles.

we really believe that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and therefor having accurate cultural profiling has the knowledge, integrity and teamwork really means the efficiency and accuracy of our entire process it’s so much more improved

There’s a loss both in terms of the efficiency of the process which ultimately costs us in terms of revenue but also in terms of reputation, we want to make sure we make the right hiring decisions for the right people with the right core set of values to make our organization successful. We were looking for something innovative, something that was transformative, something that was disruptive. we wanted something easy to use with a simple user interface which really represented our core values and those are the types of things using the Searchie sats platform that we were able to achieve and bring the right type of human talent into the AES organization.

Searchie and the Artificial intelligence that represents and incorporates really is the future, we know that this type of artificial intelligence is going to change recruitment for good. It’s disruptive, it’s innovative and it’s transformative.

we believe that if you want to stay in front of your competition, you have no other option but to engage with Searchie and artificial Intelligence as part of your recruitment process, it is certainly going to be the future.

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