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How W Digital Created a Successful Team

The Recruitment Process is Difficult, most companies feel overwhelmed with applications when they have opened positions, which results in hours and hours spent interviewing the wrong people. 

With the help of Searchie, W Digital can analise Candidates based on Cultural fit, Experience, Skills and Competencies and that quickly W Digital is able to hire the best talent faster.

We’re Technology consultancy based out of Dubai.

We focus on helping our clients utilize disruptive Technologies to build new business capabilities.

Before using Searchie we were relying on very manual processes internally, even though we’re technology-driven company resourcing can be very manual, especially when you’re dealing with people.

We have some great organization supporting us from the resourcing perspective, but even then, we’re still dependent and relying on the organization, it’s very difficult scheduling interviews, right. we all know the issue you have to try and find someone. They have to take time off work and interview with you.

With this platform, we’ve actually found there’s a lot of candidates will carry out the interviews at home so it’s very easy to send the link and when they come back from work, they can go home and conduct the interview online.

I can’t call my Business Partner and ask him to fly over for just one interview. So, to able to share that link online and you can access it whenever it’s convenient for him with a 9 hour time difference is very efficient.

Also, it helps us hire the right people.

I think we have definitely an element of Bias sometimes when it comes to referrals are great. because you’re getting a trusted recommendation. But Also it can isolate people that don’t have the network, people who are new into a job new into a particular industry may not have built up the network.

So how do we access that Talent?

Having a platform like this really removes that Bias, and allows anybody to have a chance at a role that they really deserve. I definitely feel technologies like Searchie disrupt the market and have the potential of completely re-engineering how a particular segment works. we see it day in day out with organizations who have not adapted to the pace of technological change that have really been Impacted negatively by not being able to keep up.

These Technologies like Searchie are scalable, they’re very fast to deploy, they’re very efficient and very cost-effective.

So for an organization, like us, being able to conduct an interview at the pricing levels that Searchie has anywhere in the world, we can talk to the candidate have him interviewed and then re-share that interview with anybody irrespective of whether they are is incredibly powerful.

My name is Amin Aslam, I’m the CEO W Digital and my teams are built with the help of Searchie.

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