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AI Screening Tool for Rapid Covid-19 Diagnosis

Mediscreen was Built with Doctors for Doctors

The Mediscreen Platform, powered by Searchie is an AI Screening Tool for Rapid Covid-19 Diagnosis.

Mediscreen is a one-way video screening platform which functions as a virtual triage. By using video and machine intelligence you will be pre-screened by our virtual triage.

She will ask a few questions and these are to help the doctors understand your risk level for Covid-19. Allowing people to be pre-screened from the desktop in a matter of minutes.

The system allows patients to volunteer their information and have doctors validate it by reviewing the patient videos.

A doctor will then review your details afterwards and contact you regarding next steps. Giving everyone a more faster way to be screened and evaluated, time matters especially in relation to Covid-19.

The challenges for doctors during this crisis is that they are unable or they should not see patients in the office because of the spread of Covid-19 and the amount of patients calling in concerned about this, is overwhelming for doctors to handle.

The mediscreen pre-screening tool allows me to assess a video of the patient, assess their symptoms, assess their risk at my own time.

It’s very time efficient. I can do many more patients that I could possibly do via telemedicine or seeing them in the office.

The mediscreen screening tool is very easy to navigate.

All I do is log on to my account, and then log on to the coronavirus virtual screening site.

It will then give me a patient list and I will log on to the patients and review their data. This link here can be shared by a doctor, a healthcare professional or employer and be sent out.

Hi, welcome to Mediscreen, I am Nurse Sara I will be your virtual Healthcare assistant.

I am going to ask you some questions about your health.

Are you having difficulty breathing?

I have dry cough and I have been having for a few days already, I think it started 4 or 5 days ago, it started as a normal cough and started to develop to a really dry cough and sometimes it takes a long time to stop.

The doctor can very quickly evaluate each patient within normally 5 minutes, they can potentially diagnose. Then what they can do is schedule a telemedicine appointment if they wish to speak to each person just to clarify a few things.

You can share your feedback on each person and on the left-hand side, you see all of those questions that I was asked as a patient at the beginning, it all nicely laid out for a doctor to withrough.

I think it’s a great tool. It helps me evaluate a patient via video. I can do this in a much shorter time period, at my own time 24 hours a day and screen many more patients that I could possibly do via telemedicine.

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