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Interviewing candidates remotely with Searchie video interviews is effortless and easy. 

Our cutting edge psychometric prediction software can help you spot a candidate’s strengths automatically. Just tell us the persona, competencies and cultural values you are looking for and we’ll prioritise your interview lists on your behalf. 

This is Chris.

He’s a recruiter at an innovative company. Chri’s Day starts trying to review all the CVS he received the night before.

Work is becoming overwhelming has, he receives thousands of applications for his open positions.

Chris tries to review each candidate when they apply, but with so many people the right candidate for the job can be overlooked.

With Searchie’s Ai and the candidate’s behavior capture in video to help him, Chris, easily prioritizes his candidates based on skills, experience, cultural fit and competencies.

Sharing Chris’s top candidates is effortless and easy, in record time Chris sends his hiring manager a shortlist of great candidates.

Although his hiring manager was in a different country, he was able to review candidates from his phone and share his feedback in no time at all.

And that quickly Chris is hiring the best people faster.

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