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Data-Driven Recruitment

Data can be a powerful weapon in the battle for talent.

In this week’s LinkedIn live, we covered our own experiences using data in recruitment. The types of video interview questions that are valuable to a recruiter and some global trends in recruitment.

We spend a lot of time examining some of the ways that candidate selection can be addressed and look at the research supporting the idea that past work experience is a poor predictor of future workplace performance. 

Despite this research, recruiters are still dependent on the CV.

Companies are moving towards a more candidate centric approach to their recruitment process, including structured virtual video interviews and psychometrics.

Oganisational psychology offers employers an effective tool to predict candidate behaviour in the workplace. 

We review the AI video interview tools that Searchie offers to augment the recruitment process with instant first impression insights reports generated by our personality prediction AI.

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Data driven recruitment - transcript

What’s up, everybody?


Welcome back to another LinkedIn live session with such e is the first of the decade not just the first of the year. We were unfortunate last week. We had a bit of a technical problem with with LinkedIn without a global problem.


That was affecting people from posting liking sending messages and we were unfortunately afflicted by anyone is watching show me out because I spent a bunch of money for a couple of reasons number one is because I like talking about this subject number to is we got some new experiments are going to be trying this year in the Stream.


One of them is like knowledge-sharing which is much more kind of organized with presentations and less of the Condor of one-on-one kind of Port Kar C type session is not direct from ever going to have one person explaining some of the concepts in summer.


I think that it’s going to be much more valuable for everyone. And the reason that I think that is because when we doing these kind of two way, he kind of intersections is really great from the

storytelling suspect has been it’s really good.


So kind of understand some of the things that people have beans fruit, but it’s not very it’s a long ways to spend enough time on the topic. And maybe that’s because the format doesn’t lend itself to it and maybe that’s because we’re still fairly Young & Sons of our journey

and exploring not an experiment. So we’ve been running.


So this year we got a bunch of stuff that we going to be experimenting with first one that we’re going to be experimenting with today is this knowledge shared with kind of organized presentations and stuff.


The subject today is day to data driven Recruitment.


And the reason that we chose this subject is because towards the end of last year. We were invited to an event in Dubai code step next and they also has to deliver a presentation on days of driving recruitment. So we put the presentation together. We went out and we did the presentation. Navigate to talk when we go somewhere really good positive feedback about some of the lessons that we’re trying to teach around objectivity around, how you define a problem how you react splore problem how you run experiments and some of the carnivore or the conversations that you don’t necessarily he is so much about all around, How does the growing global population should be needing to easier recruitment problems to solve which is not which is partially as a consequence of some of the new industry, which is arriving on the scene in Paul a very large part down to the recruiting practices that are being employed not necessarily evolving with the X.


So we talked a little bit about specifically really from, the Ashley the the opinion that little bit mainly because of the easy apply button right now days does very little currency that’s involved in applying to a position.


You don’t have to be low cool.


You don’t have to spend I was doing and the thing we have to do is click that one person leads to the shoot of a supply chain recruiters, physically deal with it. So I’m going to jump into the slide was just a bit of an introduction into what they see driven recruitment is so really what we’re going to be covering is how a computer can help out computer and Taissa can help to color are assumptions. And inform hiring decisions.


That’s his Concept in the days of community, which was really kind of born from from Google Play with at least some of the first people to really understand how to use it. Typically what we’ve seen what most people do is they take the basis that they want and then they use that because that’s the bit of information that they’re interested in and then everything else that

kind of surrounds that gets thrown away.


Guess just called it is kind of like waists tasya and I think that that’s the mistake. I think the does does more than you can do with dates of the cruise your theory false. Then you can do with a to the necessary to prove your theory. Correct the reason I believe that is because The Learning Journey is arguably one of the most important skills that you can you can phone and you can practice and get ready really good out.


Right and being able to learn very quickly is the only real way that we can resolve problems that we find an experience as they of the air rise at Aunt loan. Well, then becomes phone. So that’s kind of where a position comes from that kind of idea. Please friends to those of you who are new this year. It’s not just me in front of the camera. There’s also fran.


I got behind the camera who helps to control everything helps with all of the sound of the audio of the visual and he’s been instrumental in getting us out first thing already want to drill into you guys’s I am not ever Creek.


Basically someone who’s fetty good understanding of what problem might look like conceptualizing some ways that we can look into those problems and then explaining them to people who are significantly better qualified than I am to have them find a real kind of scalable solution to not really I mean if you have to designate me or identify me something on the co-founder a cerci we are a machine learning company that uses video and aoi and behavioral signal processing and behavioral informatics to be able to take a feed and understand the

dates of the receiving from that feed.


So the body language the turn up voice the Deep facial expressions the responses to questions and then convert that into some kind of pain. So we can recognize and identify to understand personality traits organizational skills cultural values and similar things by doing this over the last few years.


We’ve been recognized by the world economic Forum as one of the classic at what it was something about Reinventing the fourth Industrial Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa with Microsoft as well who we be able to do that kind of Technology on the

Microsoft Azure Cloud stack.


So they’ve been ready ready instrumental in helping us to grow as well and all of that stuff together, gives me a lens through which I look at the recruitment problem, which is a little bit different to you how have a person might look at it. My my my thing is more about and I say this very hesitant if there any recruits his recruitment consultant to a wallet chain, I don’t intend for this to come out incorrectly, but unfortunately my vocabulary often does that mean my hour of need. So what we do is across a broad spectrum. So I’m not just looking at skills and experience and fun of them push a candidate into a thing go get a candidate interview because it’s less about putting candidates into a role. It’s more about understanding which of them really fit into that role. So is the hiring manager can make those decisions for themselves,



We’re trying to help hiring managers just a prioritized that time another consequence of means that we’re looking at different signals not suggest that one is better than the other but the time that I spend is really in understand.


Kind of low to level base level with a person and personality is like the next slide is this is a really important part of this framing the conversation, right?


So we hear a lot about the sound bites about Baton Rouge the new roles and abundance interesting character plastic things for space travel and stop its name of cute. Really?


I understand when people say this from a recruitment perspective is it says more data than there ever has been and we spend more time at work than we do pretty much anywhere else and I live it poses the question to me if this is the truth and there is mold Acer when we spend all this time at work why we so bad at Hunting Expedition. And that’s really something that we going to be exploring in the next 40 minutes or so, if by the way anyone has any questions or you want a shout-out to us, please feel free to leave some comments for trying to dress your questions as they got another I’ve been posting some slides from this presentation on LinkedIn over the last few days, right and there were a few people who had some opinions about specifically that the concepts of town and be normally distributed and success being

something else reference that is being Linea. But really what I’m talking about, is it being more success being more of a question of locking Santa is coming to town and no skill some

share them with us. So yeah if this is true and that it was more fun than it’s ever been

in we spending all of this time at what then why


Are we so bad at hiring and talent acquisition?

So let’s bring this a little bit of the internet has made us incredibly good at being able to connect and communicate with people. in the last 15 years since conda statista has statistics for us to review the internet penetration has grown to full point 1 billion people who Point 1 billion people that we can apple cause eye drops to Why are we finding that is so very difficult for us to capture. The people that we want part of this is so how are you messaging to



But really the problem to me doesn’t seem to be in the marketing as much as it seems to be in the screening the shortest thing and the prioritizing of your time. If you were recruited this receiving one and a half thousand people apply to your LinkedIn job post in the first 20 minutes every 20 minutes for receiving 1500 people apply to your job posting within 24

hours. How many prioritizing those people how are you supposed to be able to



That’s my Candidate.

That’s my girl.

That’s my girl.

That’s my guy is very difficult for you to be able to respond quickly enough.


So effectively it becomes a product to who came in first. Pretty important thing to consider is that the global working population is getting older, right? The working-age population is getting older. So there are more people and that working for longer working age population is increasing with carne hoping around 65% of the global population being of walking age, right?

So this is the thing we’ve Naruto on the internet half of the global population that is like 7.8 billion people or something on the planet and full billion of them using the internet. So we go over these people talking for so long more of them are working age.


So what’s the problem?


Why are we struggling so hard with this with this recruitment problem just jump Fundamentally, like I said already I think of this comes down to the internet. The internet was fantastic allowing us this reach screening and show listing for her very much in the lost 50 60 years or something. So I can metrics has become a part of some of the more advanced

recruitment process is fundamentally. It’s very expensive request my law of understanding a ton of research level psychology level, which which creates a kind of barrier above pool next to being able to being able to access it, right it becomes a little bit less accessible.


So if There are more people accessing your Communications. Can you call and get through to them that is a consequence to my mind all of the democratization of information which is the internet and Fantastic Four the same time. It has kind of cool to the Kohl’s discount of this that the internet is going to cause this time of night position for open because of the noise of a supply of candidates and I don’t know. If you look at it from Kona historical context if you wanted to apply for a job 50 years ago 60 years ago hundred years ago. You have to be physically present, right?

You have to be able to go in or male mule CV to the person or group of people that were looking for the job. You have to visit the send something in there. So the transaction is not much more costly because it takes time to take money, you know that replace it into my mind three types of currency u.s. Dollars time in minutes seconds and hours and headache right if we reduced the cost on those three things to just quickly clicking on and then it’s no surprise that would being swamped by one of those Supply. So when we when I talk about the incident that kind of breaking Talent acquisition, that’s really what I mean is given us access to more more people, which is Fantastic Four the ability to Screen through those people. Hasn’t improved a hasn’t evolved in a in a meaningful and scalable way like something I’d like to enhance.

So let’s jump into the next one.


This whole next section is really on how are we looking at the sourcing and selection program from a problem solution perspective will talk to little bit on some of the solution as we’re exploring it, but I really want to begin the whole condo season of 20/20 with

addressing. What are the what does the problem look like?

So let’s jump in. The first thing I want to talk about is Rick and Morty shopping. So for those of you who find chunky boy the presentation with cartoons, And all the images, right? So this one is this is an interesting an interesting idea. Right?


So the general feeling is the time is normally distributed. So what we mean by that is it follows this this read this read this read carve. So that’s great in the car to make sense though. But if you think about it later with people who are extremely talented on this false are people who last time is it in then there’s the kind of mean and the standard in the middle, which is a larger

representation of the population. Like there’s more people in that pool within this is Kona to draw stuff put into one what strikes me as being with is the is success and when the finding success has one really talking about is the town of distribution of wealth wealth and capital as a proxy full success seeing is that that’s kind of how it’s measured most the time when you

hit people Talk about who the most successful people in the world that talk about people like Bill Gates and they talk about Jeff Bezos full of these really really really really wealthy people to give me some swelling on the text is supposed to take us back to you going to load of people who have a full like 80% of the population owns like less than 1% of the wealth.


And then when you look at the top 1% they are in like something crazy. when I look at this when I think about this what it says to me with his face to me is that if timing is normally distributed so full during this constant distribution and if success is like a power function, which is this kind of cubby line the start time ends up love then she has something to do with how we’re recruiting people expect if he’s if a position processed foods, Then you’d expect the distribution of wealth to follow a similar patent to maybe when we were looking at what is the problem already trying to address?


This is Carnival in a graph. How do we how do we help people who are who are it a meritocracy is a funny thing. But how do we how do we help the people who all that talented to unload money? So is that they can then concentrate on some of the things which are arguably more important like self-actualization. So rather than having this kind of Problem with self-esteem if you look upon us as fire Rocky to my mind, it feels like there’s a lot of people who is stuck in the self-esteem sex, and how can we help to move people into the self-actualization layout of Maslow’s hierarchy and some feels like finding what that pays.


Well finding what that stimulates you I’m funny what that you really enjoy this jumping to the next one, please friend. So that’s kind of an overview of the problem as we see it. The next step is really in kind of understanding what they are driven strategy will do for your approval process. I’m sure your business. So the first thing is pretty obvious give you access to a huge give you more dietetica life. And if you remember when I was talking a minute to call about Google street supposed to supplice the the mood I see you have the most stuff that you can do with it. Right?


So a lot of people Google want to suck because of that relevant and irrelevant suppose really not delivered by matching keywords to and it was ready to live with my understanding you your behavior from the answer.


You don’t click on the link so you don’t think I’m right and then trying to understand Once you start once you start Gathering the states you’d be surprised. What you could do with that. The second thing is that when you find when you’ve got it started building this Taissa and Gathering the station acquiring the state. So you’ll find that it becomes much easier to produce evidence for your hiring decisions.


So when you’re trying to as a recruiter, when you go to your line manager, you don’t have to stop you don’t have to start the conversation with I think this person will be good. Aren’t you can point to some things? That’s okay.


Look based on this thing in this thing in this thing. I think we go to match it and there’s some some some kind of data-driven decision-making which may have been lacking in in that kind of selection process and then be able to catch the dates up so it doesn’t happen but it happens in the long run it will drive because I think it will reduce the amount that you waste in your recruitment process.


Number one is if you really really really good at that you’ll have fewer people that live in the first year. Dog is reading a piece of literature earlier today about first-year attrition rates and it turns out that in the UK roughly 20% of the people who’ve left an organization left within the first 12 months. So if you were attrition rate, your first year of attrition rate is so high Shirley finding people who were best suited to your organization beyond having experience in in the top scorer in the function that you wouldn’t have experience in show me finding people who are going to stay is going to be one of the best ways to you can stop somewhere juice some of your cost of a recovering, right?


Some of the other ways that you might be able to reduce some of those clothes sightings by the way. Sorry, if I’m a little bit loud. It’s only other ways that you might think custom cost savings off recycling existing candidate. So once you walk out what it is, they are measuring you can also then use some of that dated to be able to work out how to stuff is kind of

dates. Do you think we’re going to find you for a different role at a time that you spend in the long run on screening people because you’ll be able to identify pathogens that allow you to say time.


There were many many more and one of my favorites of weathering is personalizing rejection emails to candidates why I think this is something about experience on the positive side where it’s kind of like on found this town today and I took him to this interview and then we saw them ready quick can be hot and very fast right? That’s great.


But what about the $9,000 people that fly? The position of an even though the 60 other people that fought for the position.


Where is the consideration for that?


But recruit is a terrible on the hole and I’m sorry if I paint you with this brush as well and you know during this phase on the whole worker is a fairly poor giving feedback or even rejecting them a client. What was and he was telling me a story about a game that he went to Sonia one. He’d applied for this role with this company and turn everything back. Right and then you want he went to go watch a game in like a VIP box at 10 out of the recruits who had interviewed him for that role was in the box with him. And so he just like on the side as the conversation was flowing. any feedback Lakes at night this start becoming an annual sings on the second year. He ended up going back to the same box in the same group of people that are on the recruiter was that was well and as a joke, do you have any feedback for me? This is a whole year later that whole year later. He still hasn’t received any feedback. He bumps into her this event thing and I’ll still have any feedback for me. Lady says not like that little bit fed up with his asking right still not received any feedback on this is becoming a bit of a runny jog now but do you have anything about to me? I guess it’s over isn’t mine. She was not very impressed with him and she may have swollen of the glial and told her that told him in no uncertain was that you didn’t she didn’t want to continue playing that game with in life.


It was funny to live with a message on LinkedIn Lisa’s whatever it is. It was funny because he was he was using as an example of something that he wanted to avoid in his organization. So it for me one of the really exciting things of a personalized feedback to candidates have been rejected. So from the video interviews the candidates do with us, we can predict 7 things about the strengths and weaknesses. We can throw it into some of the strengths that we are identified in these videos and they customize the rejection email. So is that the client the candidate has something useful rather than nothing and being completely honest and say something to the next one that’s valuable from an employer branding perspective in order to



In order to get yourself to a day a driven position where you are genuinely leaning into the taser and using it effectively. There are a few things you need to consider. The first is what is your objective winning doesn’t mean winning in the same way to everyone right?

Just like hiring the right person, right?


It is very subjective. So before you begin, let’s start thinking about what is your objective before you begin with with the the kind of feature extraction from the base of the start with what is your objective? What is the thing that you really looking for? Is it that you need someone with X years experience or is it that you need someone that’s going to be really strong on good organizational citizenship Behavior, or do you specifically need to avoid some kind of counterproductive workplace Behavior or do you need Someone within a budget or do you need someone for some kind of quota in or is it part of Emiratesisation drive?

Is it part of your internship program?


What is your objective and then it goes into, what are you measuring? So what are you measuring to achieve your objective so you could be You can be measuring for example. Are going to come to this in a little bit, but you could be measuring for example.


Costco work experience screen candidates because you think I don’t like ice cream for you so that you can go and have a look for that research paper yourself a strongly recommended because it’s a real 15 years of experience might not necessarily work out very well. Company B sounds on the surface a little bit counterintuitive. You probably are no dude at the moment who is very very senior C level member of a bank in KSA and he has a track record man a real

real heavy-hitting track record. In that role and he’s struggling because it’s not the same. So it does a lot of stuff that you learn in a previous environment, which doesn’t necessarily translate very well to a new environment.So perhaps we need to reduce and this is it when your when I said, what are you measuring to achieve your objective. She needs to reduce their dependency or the white eagle putting on the signal that you thought was predictive but actually isn’t any any way for you to know whether or not by is predictive for your organization. It’s a frequently review at 8. So infrequently review.


How was your measuring criteria is and how you awaiting that different dates to produce or predict the outcome. They go looking for them to the next one. I think this is really important as well. So be where you are by us. We will have a box problem and we we fooling prices. on the earnings that was taken from a fairly valuable incredibly valuable thing wrong with that as long as it’s not so for example We’ve had various situations where we’ve been reviewing at 8 to believing it to be kind of very representative of the global population.


And it turns out that we were looking at through a lens that didn’t really consider all of the different variables which contributes wasPonce. So we we go through a lot of different processes to try an orbit that they said that we are feeding into a machine but this is about you biased leaking into your decision making process than your hiring process.


So just because you recognize some behavior and someone that you seen in the existing team member that you think to be a hot before, doesn’t necessarily mean that that that traits that you were identifying is going to convert well into this person in your environment, so Try to reduce you’ll subjectivity when you are in these in these kind of hiring interviews, right if you can reduce your subjectivity and hang onto your objectivity as much as possible. Then you’re going to find that number one you extract a number to your you’ll decisions become fall less kind of Pain by the lens through which you see the person you’re interviewing.


So just jump into the next one. I’m sticking with the Rick and Morty Morty some of the key

considerations as you’re going through this. Johnny like I’m trying to lay out of every time you’re supposed number one stop defining the objective number to identify ways that you can reduce your bias is constantly leaking into a decision making process in there’s nothing really wrong with the end of the day, I guess as long as I said, it’s not prejudiced against minority group or something, which I don’t know. I mean looking at some of the dates of the Facebook makes available 24% technical team of female or something. Maybe there might be some some leak happening then or than I look what doesn’t happen in a vacuum right Yukon to find someone because you think that they have in this is kind of photos on from the point I made an idea but because I have the skills and experience. History of walking on the moon in it or not problem because what doesn’t happen in a vacuum what happens in a team?


So you have to consider all the metrics all the things which are going to impact how that team response to the new individual being injected into the Canal Walk and weld that often comes with a compromise. It comes in a compromise looks like embracing idiosyncrasy know everyone else to be like you, you know, perfect it’s it’s kind of very difficult sometimes forced to admit.

That’s why so suddenly I find in and ask him. Is that what they’re handful?


Kind of personalities with confetti difficult to embrace. But when you look at how that contributing to the dynamic of the team, you can see you can see the values of that riding into that thing. They might not be the easiest people first interact with all of the time but they provide values of the team whether that’s from a creative angle with his thoughts from a talk completion tangle with her is from the competition angle that there are lots of different ways that people contribute to the output of your team to find ways of looking, that kind of that similarity that you’re looking for that to happen is you’re looking for and really get comfortable with embracing idiosyncrasy.


So some of the stuff that we measure in the industry, but maybe we don’t need to say something to the next one friend that’s quick. Please get me through this historically and even today which is evaporating a little bit of using old things to what today is. It’s our old management styles. So that is best to which We Stand Out by this taylorism and that’s folded them and they both kind of contribute significantly to the way that we want a company is today was kind of the best of this thing is called the scientific Mind by 60.


They all I did was Machining became a thing that was some individuals who were producing Goods in their own way, right?

They was they will I think we proved we prefer to the Now is awesome. But that was that was the way there was no kind of standardized production method. So so taylorism kind of started off by saying like still doing the US dollar in the more like a little bit further and ready came up with the concept of assembly-line which has been phenomenal for the fur industry.


Generally write this has been one of the Innovations of language is definitely so congratulations on that. But what would finding is that? It’s not translating well into into the new condos Industrial Revolution. We’re on the cusp of arguably at the moment the deal then was ready to

do them. You will then get a paycheck. Why aren’t you sacrifice your individuality do things my way and you will get regular paycheck and it was very well. Now we’re finding the weather is a combination of some of the the the kind of chips in the fabric of society the consequences of the internet and how we communicate or something else like the complexity of the walk with finding these mechanisms. He’s management a less effective as they happened historically in software industry has been pretty good at coming up with ideas around New Management methods.


So, not y’all which we really lean into of a head, but that’s probably because we’re Sofa Company because it helps the find the things that we were looking at we have been looking at in order to make our predictions by these the kind of things we were measuring to make a

predictions. Next please.


Fran will look in the things on the candidate Kung Fu pets come from how much did it cost to find this person bring them on how successful were we on pass through so kind of a application through supposed to be through to 2nd and C Street Laurel technical whatever it is. The total number of applicants to regenerate just uninspiring all full of requirement for Innovation from a recruitment agency perspective as much as intended to measure outcomes. Finite things that happen as a consequence of other activity is it allows you if your measuring these things that allows you to Circle back and say, okay.


Well, I was very low when my Costa high was really high. So it allows you to identify that but don’t give you much of a framework for working out how you can improve that optimize your activity to move away from the heart. Increase your euro conversion rate. So with that in mind some of the things that I think might be less effective and con of a consequence of those those other metrics some of the things that I think that might be a little bit as predicted for things like education. So where were you educated than the subject that you took is very few people who is still kind of occasionally practicing the thing that they starting to school. It’s becoming increasingly less common.


And there’s this kind of leaning to wait when school not to put too much on Facebook, but I have been looking at them in a fair amount of detail recently mainly because they make a lot of information public right?


So it’s not necessarily the Facebook app for inclusion. Facebook one of the very few launch companies in that area or in any area ready to make that DNA information. That’s my bestie and inclusion information publicly available and we’re going to talk about it in the next dream, but it does mean that I’ve been able to examine it in some detail, especially with when I’m

using things like LinkedIn town of inside. Allow me to get out a little bit deeper in you know, what I found what I was looking at Facebook. I found in the last 12 months of the 13% of the people that they they recruited came from 10 schools. 13% of the people that Facebook recruited in the last 12 months can from just 10 schools 10 universities surprising the Hugo Carnegie Mellon and you got some of the other ones to my point the education history in the place of Education isn’t necessarily an effective predictor of how well someone is going to what in your workplace in the future.


So that’s historically been considered as kind of a bad thing. Right?


I think they jump up quite a lot but then I could also mean that I had conquered the engaging in the team and completing tasks buy quickly. Maybe they will have to execute a specific projects and they might have to clean it very quick and get it get it executed. Then I could predict future workplace performance it snow in the places that you were that you were. Play make you better was that’s not entirely without to say it’s not entirely but we often place a lot more emphasis or not. And then it’s necessarily fat seniority being seen you or something doesn’t make you good at something and then my favorite The Outfield. This person is going to be great in this is often down to innate ability to recognize Titans, but Moses not necessarily have the capacity to overlies the Mille Lacs. Analyze the time that you want that you recognized. What was some of the things that we could be measuring? Some of the things that we could be measuring.


Not necessarily if someone completed the Toss today was set by how did they behave when they were confronting. Talk something? I think that is very very interesting is the Wiz, situational judgement test is the concept is a fairly effective way of understanding how someone might behave when there is no specific situation or toss that set for the frequency of similar complex talks. So similarity is important for transfer learning but it’s not the only thing things on interpersonal behavioral traits.


So understanding how the personality of someone is going to integrate and and play play with your existing team two pictures different kinds of outputs, right?


So you might have a team that’s very very similar personality wise and not make something like

Christian if you introduce someone that’s not the same and values different things or behaves in a different way it was that sound Spokane and then I can really shifted Dynamic working polarized Saints this other team of this other group in the team 10 understanding what does counterproductive what place behavioral look like?


So if you can if you can if you can recognize the cons of behaviors that will not what what in your organization and someone here who is on paper truly excellent for he’ll roll but in the exhibit of this Behavior, which is counterproductive to your team and to what place

does not make them a good hire.

Are you going to understand that from the CV? Absolutely?



Maybe we want to start looking at things outside of the CV system I’m going to need visibility on questions from If anyone saw anything, they want to contribute let me know happy to feel some of your questions otherwise told me it’s alright message as has happened in the past and I’ll be happy to get back to your ranch or cool to have a chance. I think one of my favorites and it really does demonstrate the relationship between total experience experience and its ability or inability to predict future workplace performance analysis of tens of thousands of different types of points across something like seventy two different pieces of research 72 Oster.


They cleaned it as well. I’m only discovered when they produced this mess. We’re not assist. What is the total total historical work experience isn’t necessarily a good predictor of future what place to fulman and what they found was the in low-level Canelo skill requirement rolls that can be a bit of a fixer run.


It could be a state trooper that someone’s going to walk wedding in that environment mid-range. Right. Now the majority of us are in this condo mid-range of complexity. Experience historical experience is not a good predictor for future wife face before minutes. And then as you go up to the real high-end complexity then again it becomes an okay predicta. It’s already some jobs May benefit from previous experience, but the majority of thumb using the CD to why do we using it? Why are we so desperate for what’s up?


What are the sources do you use to predict behavior? I’m going to come tonight. Let me come back to your house because we using a few different things to look into that for some of the things before I get into that. Some of the things I think about is how people use language, right? So language to my mind’s is is not just the way that we communicate is also the way that we comprehend so you eat the way that you use your language doesn’t just work when I’m speaking at the camera or when you’re engaging with me or with other people around We also use it internally to rationalize and comprehend the things that we are experiencing learning testing trying.


This is one of the ways the brain understands information that helps us to process information. So what people say is important or can be as important as how they say it why they say it and I capacity to think that fool is links to our ability to use language the movie about the language the more we can we can understand the things that we see is no longer just a white



If it was to be there could be any number of all the ways of describing. I experienced that you’re looking at right and then our ability to externalize off. Can be a predictor of a scope of cognition. Right sided with the deeper. I can describe something in and share that experience with you. Suggest a deeper understanding so in summary to that piece, but listen not just to what the answer was how the questions around because how the questions around said can tell us as much as what the answer was.


Perhaps you want to look at a question which ones in a very similar similar kind of way, but it’s asking a different question. You want to ask when you were confronted with a design thinking probably around a specific kind of custom the Giant Eagle customer experience that you found it difficult to solve.


How did you behave and how did you respond to that problem? Because the thing isn’t the way the thing you were trying to predict this.


How is this person going to integrate into my team? Nor can they understand or do they know how to do design thinking that’s less important than how do they that’s less important and do

they understand how to take design principles and integrate them into the team that I have available. So we like to look a lot of the kind of Behavioral interviewing style and some of the things that were looking for or things like his old extraction.


So that’s the kind of flavors of the way the sentences structured the foundational frequency.

So this is your kind of pitch in your amplitude in your tone of voice Enterprise the entry of energy which is like the transition of of energy and how the the voice changes and I have the energy for the behavioral gestures changes in attitudes volume.


You know, when I speak loudly is suggesting something about my open. This is suggesting something about my extraversion 6 suggesting something about my agreeableness.

Facial expressions. They also as a as a flea an emotional signal of how a brain is processing a thing so you can once it starts is really focusing and pay some attention on some of those behavioral signals that allows you to begin understanding a little bit about how this person responds in the situation.


What are the kind of thing is that this person values pictures of the end of the day what are emotions is that not a way of conscious brains predicting or identifying was important to us, right?


I imagine I believe I think I Believe by someone know at the moment the emotions are the way that we prioritize things are assign value to things. So when I have a positive emotion is because I assign value to that thing when I have a negative emotions because I don’t assign value to

that thing. uses behavioral signals to help us with informatics so that’s the kind of stuff that we looking at when we trying to understand if someone’s a good fit for the team not just did they have the skills and experience but how are they are answering some of these questions and how are they are in a way which we believe is then transferable to the new team to be looking to install them into cool


Does the consequences of kind of processing those signals allows us to produce these cool things is cool visualizations and reports on each of the candidates and looking up ways. Then helps recruits has to decide where to focus that time right way to prioritize that time.

I don’t want to tell you that someone you should hire with shouldn’t have but I do want to tell you that you should prioritize candidate 1 through 10 based on how well we think they fit with your your skills requirements experience requirements coach requirements personality requirements and competency requirements. I want you to promise I don’t want to help you prioritize.

That’s the deal right? That’s the goal. That’s what we’re trying to be here for. I think that’s probably it.


So in summary if I removed the educated people than ever before and what we doing wrong and why we finding this recruitment program sell out to solve number to measure things that protect everything that you were measuring today is and it might do you well to try and review that number 3 try and be objective because objectivity will help you to reduce the impact of your bias on your decision making and finally think deeply about the problem that you’re trying to solve thinking deeply about the program will raise questions that need to be on so that you may be having considered before and not expect that Journey Through the kind of internalization of that you go through when you think deeply will help you to come out for the other considerations that wasn’t immediately obvious.


Thank you very much for your time.

It’s a pleasure to be back on LinkedIn live with all of you.

And thank you.


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